Thoughtful And Youthful

by Gaudry

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bare with me here, this is my first album and i don't have a high tech recording device.


released March 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Gaudry Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I hope you find a safe place.
Unfinished albums, sorry!
Pronto saco mas :)

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Track Name: I'm Gaudry and This Is My Intro
this is not a song, just me talking.
Track Name: Dear Friend
It's a long walk
From my house to the park
My feelings are on the verge of bright,
The sun is nearly out of sight
I'm on a swing set
My feet are in the air
I wish that you were here with me the rest i don't care

I go up,up,up
I come down, down again
I go up,up,up,up i'm my only friend

The wind is blowing towards my face
I wish that you could feel this
My fantasies of memories have pondered into realness
The hole inside my soul has left
I'm glad it's nowhere near me
I grin so wide my smile's a nife
For i'm happy your in my life

I go up,up,upup
I come down, down again
I think about how glad i am that you're my friend
We'll be together 'till the end
They'll always be another friend
But you're the one who changed my views
You'll always be the one i choose

I love you dearly
I'd miss you everyday
If you decide my friend that you will go away
This song is for you to remember how special you'll always be to me
You're beautiful
You're wonderful
My friend i hope you'll always be
Track Name: Family Of Roaches (a night song)
I'm walking my dog at night
And i see a family of roaches the little one runs in fright
To it's mother probably and it all looks so sweet
My hair looks good, my T-shirt's dull and i feel complete
I left my house with a pleasing taste
As my mom and Tony talked and the food didn't waste
We cracked a joke about my tumorous dog
Who is part of the family and we all love
My social media accounts are pleasing and i feel in control
This song isn't meant to make you feel anything i'm simply expressing myself
Simply expressing myself

The night is fresh and i feel so unique
I think about Greer being here and her friends i so seek
To exchange vivid emotions with and have good times
Gaby and i deserve people who appreciate us not makes us wanna commit crimes
Commit crimes

I took about 15 pictures, yeah that's how good i look
I wanna print all of those pictures and put them in a book
My brother Aidan's on my bed and never fails to make me laugh
I love him so much
It's late and lets face it i'm not gonna study
I want this feeling to stay and i don't mind if you're slutty
Aidan's mouth won't shut up and i keep scratching my head
I'm gonna sing a good song about a dumb guy and go to bed

The family of roaches looked sweet and complete
And they went in their hole and fell fast asleep.
Track Name: No Overthinking
Sometimes i feel like i'm new to this world
A simple word can cause a person's feelings to explode
Does this make you happy? Does this make you sad?
Does this make you think? or does this make you mad?
Have you seen my brain? i think i left it in your pants
I feel far too careless to focus on Twitter rants
All i can think about is Greer's beautiful voice
He has a boyfriend, but it's okay i made a choice
I will stop commenting unnecessary things
I'll go out on a run, look at the sky, have some fun, fullfill my needs

And now i am going to sing
About every single thing
That makes me glad that i'm here
My body has no percentage of fear
I am me, i am here, i am singing, there's no fear
I am eternal i am young
I will study, i'll have fun
Life is good
Life is great!
There is no need for faith in god, but that's okay
I respect your way to pray
But i won't be deceived and believe
Something i'll never care about
But sure as hell there's no doubt

That i am happy and i am free to be whoever i can be
Life is short, life is good
Life is everything you should
Think about please don't drown in your sorrowful frown
Your are gorgeous!
You are here!
We're alive and there's no....
Track Name: Straight Outta My Brain
I notice people are looking at me, do they like what they see?
If they don't should i care? do i care? no i don't. I am me
I better study get my grades up
I missed a project don't even want to think about my luck

I think about that guy that interviewed Conor Oberst
He was so chatty and ordinary, Conor looked like he might burst
and just scream and just cry and just laugh ,slowly die
he looks so sick he looks so sweet i want to hug him and be complete-
Ly in love with his ways, i sort of am, from afar
oh, i wish he was seventeen
We could hang in an empty pool while he smokes and i lean
Yes, i lean
On the cement building that i have known from so long ago
and i tell him what i've done and how with him it'd be for fun to go out of my house and take a stroll through this memorable neighborhood
this neighborhood

Where my mom was gardening, my brothers playing, Tony listening to Reggae and everything was good
Everything was good
Everything is good
Everything was good

Now i'm singing and playing guitar in my empty classroom
Everyone is downstairs watching the girls' game and cheering
i'm glad they're cheering
I just want him to walk in with his smile and endearing
His endearing voice i so long for i'll one day hear in person but it won't be half how i want it to be
But that's okay
I have pictures i can observe and music he has left in my heart, in my heart
And in my soul in my soul
In my heart in my heart and soul

My stomach is hungry, but it hasn't told my brain
I am new to this world, but everything else is the same
And who is there to blame?
No one
No one is to blame
Today is a good day
Today is a good day
Don't cry
Don't you cry
Don't you cry
Track Name: I'll Always Help You
Every breath you take
Is worth every time you try
I know it's hard
Sometimes you want to die

Please pick up the phone
Dial my number
Please pick up the phone
Dial my number

I'll tell you sweet things
I will help you breathe
I love you so much
I'd never want you to leave

I am sorry if some things make you sad
Your beautiful soul should never be mad

Think about the times we're gonna spend
Living the life we deserve and will have

I love you
I love you
You're worth it
You're worth it
You will make this
You'll be okay
Track Name: Stinky Boys Don't Get Cake
As i sit and sing along to a meaningful and important song
I picture us meeting
And enjoying the days 'till our hairline's receding
I still don't know how you look
But i know, oh i know it'll work

I won't settle for good enough i'll settle for you
I'll settle for you and only for you
This is not an "important" pledge or a cry for respect
It is simply my feelings on edge

My mind prints pictures and produces a video:

We are in an old apartment
Drinking wine that makes our throats warm
It makes our throats warm
I sit on a chair and bring you closer
Your smile to me is an art form
That you never get sick of looking at
Your face is my favourite place to watch and let our eyes chat

The rest is a mystery my mind can't yet make
But in the meantime stinky boys don't get cake

I hope you don't let me down
'cause i'm a fierce independent one
You won't get out with a joyless frown
No one has shown much interest in me, romantically
Not that i'm eager for it

I want to see into you
If that you allow me to do
I want to see into you
If that you allow me to do
I want to see into you
If that you allow me to do

The rest is a mystery my mind can't yet make
But in the meantime stinky boys don't get cake
Track Name: Conor Oberst

My night could be better
But watching your bodies anxious ways and passionate outbursts
Through this screen is all i want to do
Although of course i do wish i was there with you
Your beautiful focusnes and sentiment in every song
Just makes my heart melt and my halfles soul long
For those moments i could have spend with you
But time won't stop coming and while i listen to your voice all i think is "me too"
Is there only one right person for everyone out there?
Have you found her? is she enough for you?
Does she truly care?
About even the slightest of things that have gone on in your life
Does she really deserve the privilege of being called your "wife"

If she does i am so very happy, you deserve only the best
I still wish i would sing to you and keep you warm in a love filled nest
This would be a very different song if i got stuck in the age gap
Instead i'll just write this song and think about you while i'm taking a nap

Your foot tapping rapidly on the floor for some reason doesn't make me (feel) uneasy
Your closed eyes and honest voice makes falling in love seem easy

I wish i could live inside of your arms
Thinking about you this much only harms
My expectations of everyone else around me
Track Name: Friday 13th 2012
The phone rang at 5 AM
And she knew what to expect,
That crying voice, familiar, spitting out the words
Trying hard not to sound completely wrecked

Mamá delivered the news to her 10 year old daughter
Who's innocent mind went nervous and thought about a slaughter
Next thing she knew she was dressed in black
That blouse mamá had bought her, wish wasn't particularly slack
They both walked into that memoreable house
Where she saw her relatives on a dull couch
That used to be so full of light
In one short hour words put together can give you fright

But are they crying over what they didn't do?
Or that person's blue? x2

She touched his cold hand,
It was hard as a rock
Her aunt was crying, it was memorable (the funeral)
There was no need to talk
In their eyes she saw sorow,
Afew words about him they shared
They were all together and happy to be, though their hearts were impaired.

She sat in an empty pool where her cousins were mourning.
They felt like grown-ups with problems and negative fervour
They hugged and talked about their grandpa, who was there no more
Friday the 13th, was not a good day
A tragedy tends to make you about your own fate

4 years have passed and she is still not not sure

Are they crying over what they didn't do?
or that person's body in the room turned blue?

Were they crying over what they didn't do?
or that person's body in the room turned blue?x2

were we?

Were we crying over what we didn't do?
or that person's body in the room turned blue?

But am i crying over what i didn't do?
Or that person's body in the room, turned blue?

Are you crying over what you didn't do?
or that person's body in the room turned blue?