Self​-​hatred song

by Gaudry

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Wrote it a while ago. I am closer to my best friend now and love her very much.


1, 2, 1, 2, 3,4

I feel like a lump
A fucking piece of dirt
I feel like a waste
Waste away
I feel like i'm a drop of blood that spills everyday
Just somebody else in this giant planet

I want to rip off my skin and beat it on the ground
I'm afraid that when i die this world will still go round and around.
I feel like a ball of shit-full fat, feel i deserve more than feeling like crap

I love so much and i love so many,
But i don't and sometimes people scare me

I need my best friend here,
Need to ignore her when i know she is near
Why do i do this?
Why do i avoid looking at her?
She's the reason i'm happy and healthy
I love her
I love her
I always will, please don't leave my darling it'll be me who pays the bill

I want the Earth to suck me
To suck me all in
Make me disappear turn me into a fucking pin
Make me the little clip people put on cool jackets
Make me the goddamn annoying neighbour's rackets

God didn't make me i made myself
I feel like an abandoned book on a shelf
But hey, i will go on and i will stay strong
But that's a lie i will cry and wish i'd died then
But what would i be now?
And would i know how to kick myself and make me feel better than today?
Will i be okay? Will i be okay? Will i be okay?
I hope i will 'cuz i just want to drown and be sucked into the heavenly ground
Where no one will see my horrendous body
Just hide me, just hide me, just hide me
Don't let them see ugly me
Just hide me, just hide me, just hide me
Don't let them see ugly me

Just hide me, just hide me, just hide me
Don't let them see ugly me.


released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Gaudry Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I hope you find a safe place.
Unfinished albums, sorry!
Pronto saco mas :)

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